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kookie please

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Am I the only one who feels like this towards people in school

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Pretty Ssongji 

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while Tao took Sehun to a convenience store in his brand new Maserati that cost around $130,000-$140,000



then there’s Kai in helmet w his second hand bike


and Baek w his cute lil mini car


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Cats. Charmin’ their ways into our hearts for years.

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Ok wow, I’d do you right there on the beach.

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He grew up with the echo of the waves, the foam licking his feet.

"Why do You want to be like Me? Pirates are  free."  but He doesn’t feel that way. Unless when He throws himself into the oceans’s arms.

The large mass has always brought him everything.

Stories, calm, food… and sometimes sadness 
but He didn’t know it had had one last present for him.


Rin was the personification of his first love, the sea.

Unpredictable, dangerous, strong, unstable, beautiful.

Rarely quiet. With a latent wild force inside.
Like fire.
Red and warm, bright and powerful, like his eyes.


The sea salt on his lips again. The cold water caressing him.

“Haven’t You heard that mermaids drown you in the ocean?”

“Better. Then finally I’ll be with my two favorite things”

“ … ”

“I heard that a kiss from a mermaid would safeguard a man from drowning”

“No. They lured seamen to their deaths, Haru. Drowned to the depths and devoured them. Always hungry for the flesh of man”

Feared more than large bodies of salt water, worse than sharks, more magnetic and powerful than mermaids…

"Hold your breath. Hold it for the last time –


Full my pockets of sea stars

lay me down







A thousand miles down to the sea bed

wrapped around his salty arms

I hold him tight.

I hold him   t i g h t.

Together for 2 years today~♥ (17Sept)

(You are into mermans, I’m into pirates…Perfect./now I’m sad because internet/tumblr decided to ruin my gif)

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